Peace Officers International is a non-denominational Christian ministry that started in 2013 when we began an outreach to law enforcement officers in Pueblo, Colorado. There were 5  officers at our first lunch. Since then we have seen over 700 officers attend our 5 monthly luncheons here in Colorado. We also are providing lunches for law enforcement in New Jersey and Chicago. Each year we provide over 60 lunches for law enforcement officers.  We recognize that the law enforcement officers have a great responsibility in society. Law enforcement work is difficult and officers often face complicated and dangerous situations.

The suicide and divorce rate among law enforcement officers in the United States and other countries is higher than most other professions. This is an indication of the high degree of stress and the toll it takes on the men and women who are in law enforcement.

As a result of this great need, our organization offers spiritual help and support to those who are in law enforcement.

We want to encourage those who are serving, protecting and helping our communities and country. We want those who are married to be strengthened in their marriages and have strong, unified families as they face the challenges of their work.

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