Randy Green– President

Randy is a graduate of Colorado Christian University and Denver Seminary. He grew up in Argentina where his parents were missionaries. He worked as a Deputy for Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado while attending seminary. After seminary he and his family moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a Deputy for Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He lived with his wife and children in Venezuela for 10 years and began working with the police offering tactical training, ethics and spiritual encouragement. He was invited into Guatemala by President Arzu and the First Lady Patricia to work with the police in this nation. He lived with his family in Guatemala for 3 years and worked with both police and military.  He has worked in many countries around the world and he has worked giving police training to over 150,000 police officers. He is the founder of Mission Mobilization International and Peace Officers International. He and his wife Marlene live in Monument, CO. They have five grown children.


Bob Dowling- Vice President

Bob is a Commander with Westminster Police Department in Colorado and has worked with them for 30 years. He has worked in many areas of law enforcement during his career.  Bob is a strong supporter of POI and has been on numerous trips to other countries giving police training. He has a passion to help police officers to succeed in their work and receive the spiritual encouragement they need.  He lives with his wife Carey live in Westminster, Colorado. They have two daughters.


Steve DalbeyVice President of Operations

Steve spent 33 years in law enforcement. He worked for Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Department, Huntington Beach Police Department and Orange Country Sheriff’s Department. He has a heart to minister to law enforcement officers and their families. He has been involved in ministry to law enforcement in the USA and other countries for many years. He and his wife Tami live in Monument, CO.


Ed Stewart– Director of Outreach

Ed retired as a Lieutenant from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after 29 years of service. He and his wife Theo moved to Monument, CO in February of 2018. Ed attended Bible School and has been involved in ministries for many years. They have 5 children.


Marlene Green– Executive Assistant

Marlene and Randy have been married for 40 years and have 5 children and 16 grandchildren.


Tami Dalbey– Media Coordinator

Tami has been married to Steve for over 30 years. They have 3 sons and she and Steve have been involved in ministry to law enforcement officers for many years. Tami has travelled with Steve to other countries to minister to law enforcement officers and their families.


Theo Stewart– Prayer Coordinator

Theo and her husband Ed have been married for over 30 years. Theo has a heart for prayer and intercession. They live in Monument, CO and have 5 children.


Regional Representatives

Sergeant Corey Purvis                                                                         Pueblo Police Department
Pueblo Colorado                                                                                               Email:
Sergeant Cody Wager                                                                        Pueblo Police Department
Pueblo, CO                                                                                                       Email:
Sergeant Neal Robinson (Retired)                                                                  Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office
Pueblo, CO                                                                                                        Email:
Sergeant Gabriel Maldonado                                                            Pueblo Police Department
Pueblo, CO                                                                                                      Email:    
Carl Bowers                                                                                        L.A.C.D Police Department New Jersey (Retired)
Salem, NJ                                                                                                    Email:
Chief Pat Riley                                                                                      Penns Grove Police Department
Penns Grove, NJ                                                                                    Email: